Rescue, Rehabilitation, & Retirement
Sahuarita, Arizona
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Started in 2005, Equine Recline is a non-profit horse rescue dedicated to the
rescue, rehabilitation, and retirement of horses. This is a place for horses to rest,
relax, recoup, and live out the rest of their life.
Our goal is to bring horses out of whatever darkness haunts their lives healing:
body, mind, spirit, and soul.
Thanks to donations from people like you,
we've been able to provide a sanctuary to
horses for 12 years now. As such, Sonata, a
horse that in her teens was looking at a
possible future of kidney failure due to
massive amounts of medications to control her
severe allergies, is now celebrating her 30th

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for
helping us make this possible.

Happy 30th Sonata girl!
We want to extend an invitation and challenge at the same time to our supporters: to begin
donating to Equine Recline on a monthly basis. While we always greatly appreciate and love the
one time donations, we really need regular support on a monthly basis. Even making a
commitment to donate $15 a month pays for one bale of hay.

One supporter has committed to donating $1 per client that she sees each month. While this may
not seem like much, it all adds up and allows us to continue to provide the safe haven for horses
like Sonata in which to enjoy her retirement.

Would you please join us in making a commitment to donate to us monthly?