Rescue, Rehabilitation, & Retirement
Sahuarita, Arizona
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If you remember the puppet Alf, our Welsh pony Alf, was of about the same color, especially in his
sleek summer coat
. He came to us for retirement in June of 2004, before we had even actually
started Equine Recline.

Before retirement, Alf spent several years working as a therapeutic riding pony at the Therapeutic
Riding of Tucson (TROT).

Alf was always the most of vocal of all the horses. He lived to eat and thought any time a human
appeared, the human must be there to feed him. As such, he would nicker constantly until the human

gave in and gave him something to eat. He loved treats, especially apples and mangoes!

Alf took to his retirement quite enthusiastically and decided that being retired he should no longer
have to associate with small humans, also known as children. While he was quite content to take
treats from them, if any came to visit without treats in hand, he was usually quick to leave the barn
and head for the farthest part of the pasture.
~1973 - June 6, 2011
Left: March 2004
Right: August 2007