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Sahuarita, Arizona
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Maverick was a 1998, Quarter Horse/Andalusian cross, chestnut gelding. He came to Equine
Recline after bowing a tendon in his left front leg. The previous year he had bowed a tendon in
his right front leg. Unfortunately instead of recovering completely, he then developed
contracted tendons in both front legs. Surgery was not an option as the vet felt that the tendons
would just begin contracting again.

Maverick was such a joy to have around and completely lit up the barn. He was probably the
most social horse we have ever seen, always wanting to be around the other horses. Of
course, being with the other horses that usually meant he could steal... er, share their food too.

We had him for 4 years before we finally had to say good-bye to him as we never were able to
find a cure for his contracted tendons.
1998 - May 17, 2010