Rescue, Rehabilitation, & Retirement
Sahuarita, Arizona
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Sonata, a 1987, black, mustang mare was originally captured in the wild in California. After
being bought at an auction, her owner named her Satin. Later they ended up in Missouri, where
Satin proceeded to develop horrid allergies to the bugs and began rubbing herself raw every
summer. At the suggestion of her vet, Satin's owner began looking for a new home for Satin in
the southwest where hopefully the drier climate without as many bugs would keep her from
needing the massive amounts of medications to keep her allergies under control.

After her arrival, we renamed her Sonata and thankfully found that while she can get itchy, the
years here in Arizona have been very kind to Sonata and she does not have allergies anywhere
near as badly as she used to.

We have used various holistic modalities to help Sonata with her allergies including: herbs,
homeopathics, essential oils, BioMeridian Stress Assessment, and of course diet.
Left: Sonata before leaving Missouri for Arizona
Right: Sonata January 2017