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Sahuarita, Arizona
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Sonny was a 1993, red dun Quarter Horse gelding. We got him when his owner could no longer
take care of him due to health problems of the owner. We had hoped that we could adopt him out
to a new family. Unfortunately, Sonny had degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis (DSLD)
which caused a weakening of the ligaments in his back legs. While we found we could keep him
comfortable, he was unable to be ridden and was retired here with us. Shortly before Thanksgiving
in 2014 he began colicking and the decision was made to put him down.

Sonny was completely the Dennis the Menance type. He was in to everything and could not just
leave something alone. Water tubs were meant to be played in, not just drunk out of and feed tubs
were for throwing around.
1993 - November 20, 2014
Left: March 2004
Right: August 2007