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Sahuarita, Arizona
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Spyder is a 2003 chestnut, Paso Fino gelding.

When Spyder came to us in 2006 he was suspected of having a neurological condition, possibly
EPM, along with having had laminitis and an oozing sore on his belly that would not heal up. His
previous owner had adopted him from another rescue who had gotten him from a feed lot in
Canada. Shortly after arriving at his new home, Spyder (then called Suerte) started developing
issues such as weight loss, muscle loss, lack of co-ordination, laminitis, and the oozing sore that
refused to heal. When his owner was heading in for back surgery and could not care for him, the
rescue she originally got him from didn't have room for him so they contacted us.

After changing his diet from alfalfa hay to bermuda we noticed a startling difference almost
immediately. Within days the sore began to dry up and heal. Over the next several months he
began putting on weight and muscle, while regaining his co-ordination. He began running and
playing with the other horses, especially Maverick, and even began rearing up!

In 2012 our then farrier fostered Spyder to get him more exposure. He learned to pony, load in a
horse trailer, and even got ridden once. Unfortunately, Spyder had to come back home, but it
worked out perfectly. A good friend took him to foster and train. She promised her husband that
she would not keep this new horse, just get him under saddle and some exposure. Within days she
had him out on the trails and within a month at the local gymkhana where despite being gaited and
not really knowing the patterns, he still managed to walk away with several ribbons!

Fortunately for him, his story didn't stop there. Spyder knew exactly who had to win over and he
did it in the form of his foster mom's husband. When her husband began asking if she thought
Spyder would find a good home and worrying over where he might end up, she asked if he wanted
to keep Spyder and got back a "yes".

Spyder is quite happy with his home, having made a good buddy with his new owner's mustang,
getting to go to occasional gymkhanas just so he can show off, going for trail rides, oh and still
sucking up to his owner's husband and keeping him wrapped right around his hoof.
Left: September 21, 2006
Center: January 31, 2007
Right: October 14, 2012