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Sahuarita, Arizona
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Sunshine was a 1986, palomino mare brought to us in 2006 when her owner could no longer ride
her due to lameness issues, stating that she had something wrong with her shoulder. She was
fostered out for a time, but came back to us about a year later. She was permanently retired here,
which made Maverick quite happy as the two of them had bonded after arriving within days of each

Sunshine was quite the character and had such a vibrant personality. When impatient or feeling
temperamental she flapped her lips together. She always made quite the racket, especially if she felt
she wasn't getting fed fast enough.

After Shalom was born, she desperately wanted to spend time with him, but his mom was having
none of it. To say she was happy when Shalom was weaned and she could finally play with him and
mother him was an understatement. Though she was
not at all impressed when Shalom decided he
would try nursing from her since he could no longer nurse from his mom!

Unfortunately we had to say good-bye to Sunshine on December 5, 2011 after she suffered a heart
attack. The barn feels awfully quiet without hearing her flapping lips or squealing at Shalom over
something. Though she is once again with Maverick and we're sure they are getting into all sorts of
mischief together. You will be missed Golden Girl.
1986 - December 5, 2011
Left: May 7, 2006
Right: July 10, 2006