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On November 19th, 2008 Maverick sustained an injury to the coronet band and hoof on his front right hoof on the
outside. We finally figured out that he somehow got his hoof underneath the back gate to his stall, which is metal
and the bottom edge is not capped. He severely tore up the coronet band and sheared off the hoof down to the
underlying tissue.

Initial treatment was rinsed with water, then with betadine, then with tea tree essential oil. Applied neosporne and
then bandaged.

Day 2: Same as day one, except no betadine or neosporne and packed with ground rosemary.

Day 3: Didn't use the tea tree oil as I have a nasty reaction to it and which makes it difficult to work with. Used
lavender and eucalyptus essential oils instead.

Day 4: Added colloidal silver to wash treatment.

Day 6: Did a tea of yarrow and calendula to rinse the wound with along with the essential oils. Heat in the wound,
but open wounds are usually hot. Added helichrysum to the essential oils used as it can help with pain.

Day 8: Started using French Green Clay to pack the wound with. Mixed it with the tea of yarrow and calendula and
essential oils.

Day 9: When we removed the bandaging, it smelled awful. The wound itself did not once the clay was rinsed. We
think the clay is pulling out toxins, etc and that is what we are smelling.

We have continued with the clay and mixing in various oils including patchouli, but most commonly use helichrysum
and lavender. We also put him on a Chinese herbal mix made by For Love of the Horse called Hoof Health and
Growth. We are pleased with how fast and how well Maverick's wound has been healing up.

January 15, 2009: Today we had our farrier out to trim hooves and were able to have Maverick done as his
wound had healed enough. His hoof looks incredible. It is almost completely sealed over and is very healthy. We are
so happy! Praise God for His grace and mercy upon Maverick for his speedy recovery.

Here is a picture time line of the wound and it's progress.
Nov 20, 2008
Nov 24, 2008
Nov 29, 2008
Dec 1, 2008
End of January 2009
Jan 8, 2009
Dec 31, 2008
Dec 26, 2008
French Green Clay Testimony