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Sahuarita, Arizona
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Do you shop at Fry's?

If yes, then GREAT! Fry's has a Community Rewards Program in which
you sign up your VIP card with the number given to Equine Recline and
we get a percentage of all of your purchases at no extra cost to you!

Go to
www.FrysCommunityRewards.com, follow the directions, and use
organization number
80040 to link your card to Equine Recline.
Monetary donations are always needed and appreciated.
We are a 501(c)3, non-profit organization so donations made to
the rescue are tax deductible.
To make a donation or to sponsor a horse, please click on the
donate button below.
There are several other ways you can help through things like shopping at Fry's,
shopping at your regular places online, and even through searching the internet.
See below for more information.
Do you shop at Amazon.com?

Well if you shop through
smile.amazon.com and select Equine Recline
as your charity, then we will receive a percentage of your purchases that
qualify for Amazon Smile donations at no extra cost to you. It's that
Can You Earn Money for Your Charity by Searching the Internet?

Yes, you can! Simply go to
Goodsearch.com, select Equine Recline as
your charity (if not already selected) and start searching! We'll earn a
penny for every search you do and a percentage from purchases made
through stores participating at
Donations can also be mailed to Equine Recline:
PO Box 926
Sahuarita, AZ 85629